Now whats this new “topper section” thing all about? 

When he had joined, he had never imagined he would be studying with people who bragged about how great their grades were, and cribbed about how the others cheated to get good grades. He had a hatred of such people, which is why he was not very keen to be entering the class. However, on the very threshold of the class, he saw “The Great Khali”, the 6 feet something giant sardarji, from his very hometown apparently. And the first thing he asked the wrestler – “Whats your CGPA?”

The giant (AKA sardar”Ji” for future reference) gave him a smirk and asked him to enter the room. It was the first time the two guys from the “three musketeers” met. It was for sure a fresh start to life, things were getting back on track again all of a sudden, and for sure the section was not as bad as he had imagined it to be (for starters there were 2 girls sitting there, a big percentage considering the usual male only mechanical engineering population)

The third one, abhi “shake” was sitting there, playing Subway Surfers as Pokemon Go wasn’t even in Niantic’s dreams then, and whether they were going to be friends or not all depended on Dhruva now. But no effort was required, all it took for them to start things off was a girl entering the class…..and the word that popped from both their mouths together…..”DIBS”

And hence the alliance was formed, which changed the course of their lives. Students just starting at LPU…this is a very important message…..get to know your BROS as soon as you can…..for you never know, they might become your life in the coming years…..