No sooner did the results of intermediate and graduation results are out than the students start panicking about their further education and career especially in the field of agriculture. Here, I now elaborate on the reasons why one should choose agriculture in LPU over the colleges or universities.

  1. ICAR Recognition


LPU has fulfilled thousands of student’s dreams to study at an ICAR recognized university. The School of Agriculture (SOA) has been granted an ICAR recognition making LPU as the first private university in India to receive this status. Having this recognition has added advantage of appearing in all the government exams and also several entrance examinations at various levels.

  1. Lab Work

Known for its massive infrastructure, LPU has fully equipped labs that can accommodate nearly 30-40 students per lab to perform the experiments conveniently. Not only the SOA has spacious labs but also they are cleaned and maintained regularly. The practicals mentioned in the lab manuals are performed in the laboratory from time to time in every practical class without skipping even a single one. Also, one can give feedback after every class on the UMS interface where the management solves the issues in no time if any.

  1. Fieldwork


The LPU SOA has vast stretches of cultivable land located near to the university campus facilitating various departments of agricultural students to grow crops and perform their research work. Apart from open land, LPU farm also has a dairy unit, greenhouse, and equipment room. Students can procure the required tools, implements, fertilizers and any other material related to grow crops and submit them after usage. The fertile soil enables the students to grow various kinds of crops. Also to ensure security, the student needs to have a field pass while entering the field.

  1. Experienced Faculty

Undeniably, the SOA has highly educated and experienced staff who guide students in each and every aspect. It is important to note that professors not only teach us in the classrooms but also direct us in the field regarding the cultivation of crops. Additionally, notes and PowerPoint presentations are also provided by the staff in LPU. Having such a friendly nature enables students to interact with them more conveniently.

  1. Green Campus


LPU is just not meant for concrete structures all around. It also has lush green streets occupied by healthy trees, hedges, shrubs and bushes all around. One can revise the scientific names and the special characters of various plants by taking a stroll on the campus. The greenery on the campus promotes an eco-friendly and sustainable environment in the campus.

  1. Placements

Unlike many agricultural universities, the LPU provides an opportunity of being placed in various industries and multinational companies as a full-time employee and also as an intern. This university holds a record of students bagging a lumpsum amount in the final year itself. The LPU trains and prepares the student to face the interview by conducting mock interviews at the university.

  1. Library

Last but not the least, the LPU has a centralized library having hundreds of books relating to every subject. One can visit the library from morning 8 am to 12 am and during the time of examination, it will extend up to 2 am. A student need not purchase any textbook or objective book as there are many copies of each available in the library. Students can either lend a book for a period of 7-15 days depending on the level of education or can even photocopy of a particular textbook in the library itself.

Having so many benefits on the campus, now who wishes to choose another college or university other than LPU?