Sumant Bindal, an innovative agricultural entrepreneur from Lovely Professional University, was recently invited to the World Vegetable Center Consortium in Taiwan to strengthen agricultural R&D initiatives. His membership in the consortium was facilitated by the Asia and Pacific Seed Association (APSA).

Sumant, a graduate of LPU’s MSc Plant Breeding programme, is currently the Director of RK Seed Farms (R). Sumant, who has received excellent training at LPU, is passionate about plant breeding and the creation of new vegetable varieties.

While he was a student at LPU, Sumant was granted the Rs One Crore+ Scholarship for PhD Programme from Australian National University (ANU). It’s important to note that ANU only provides PhD Scholarships to a small number of scholars from throughout the world. He used the skills he had learned in Australia to India’s extensive agricultural fields in order to benefit both the nation and its farmers.

LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal congratulated Sumant in achieving rare milestones, time and again.

Sumant expresses gratitude to the LPU’s Genetics & Plant Breeding Department, claiming that he could not have attained such widespread acclaim without proper guidance at LPU. Additionally, he mentioned how, during one of his semesters at LPU, he was awarded a six-month, full paid research fellowship programme at the World Vegetable Center in Taiwan for his study of 65 different varieties of Luffa (Tori) from eight different nations.

Meritorious agriculture students like Sumant constantly have a high appreciation for their School of Agriculture, duly certified by the Indian Council of Agriculture & Research (ICAR), for conferring successful careers in the agricultural domain. It educates students in a variety of disciplines of agriculture and teaches them the most recent methods and trends. Here, they can make practical learning on how to grow organic & fibre crops, hybrid plants, fruit and vegetables in modern hygienic ways. Students work tirelessly under the guidance of their faculty and staff members by utilizing big poly houses raised at the campus. The School has thus regularly been setting unique benchmarks.