There are many talks in the town regarding mental health and its importance and here we are introduced to the term Psychology. Psychology is the study of mind and behavior but it’s not just limited to that. It is a field that teaches you about your behavior, thought-process, subconscious mind, mental processing, change in emotions, perception, and how the human mind reacts to several situations and performs its functions.

It is studied from a variety of perspectives to understand the aspects better using scientific methodologies and qualitative and quantitative approaches. It has become quite necessary to have more mental health professionals in this current situation keeping in mind our complicated lifestyles which is the first and foremost reason to study psychology. In this world of depression and anxiety, where many can’t even trust their close ones, a psychologist is needed to understand their mental state and help them to cope with their problems. During this digital time, where we race against time to catch up with others, there remains very little time for us to dedicate to ourselves. With problems like overthinking and other mental issues arising, we are left behind. Maintaining a positive relationship with ourselves is undoubtedly essential to have a positive approach towards life.

Under Psychology, you learn about various personality traits of human beings and animals including diversity and experience. We need to understand that every person is different and pursues a different goal and perspective in life that may or may not collide with others. There are numerous ways and point-of-views to look at a situation indicating both the positive and negative mindset of an individual. Optimism and pessimism should not be the criteria for judging a person as it is completely situation-dependent.

Psychology not only talks about mental health and human behavior but also explains stage-wise mental development as we grow from a child to an adult. As our needs and goals change, we tend to perform separately at separate stages of our development both mentally and physically. It makes us understand the importance of a child’s early behavior and how it affects them in the later stages of life.

The most interesting part is how the subconscious mind works in reminding you of past experiences or while having a déjà vu. Your subconscious mind is in constant function commanding and obeying your decisions and helps to form consistency in your actions. Your mind is more robust, complex, sophisticated, and powerful than your body and it needs to have the right commands to make it work perfectly. Your subconscious mind does the job for you.

After knowing all these details about psychology, don’t you feel inclined towards taking it up as a career and help people to deal with their lives or to help yourself in overcoming mental stress which is growing day by day, especially during this lockdown? And if you do, volunteer towards the betterment of society and saving multiple lives!