Despite the world economy’s growing sluggishness, the abundance of exceptional opportunities to Vertos at the prestigious Lovely Professional University couldn’t get any better! The global catastrophe had its repercussions on the core hiring sector, which will eventually pick up the pace later in 2021. But the booming IT and the consulting industry have made up for the shortfall. Expectedly, the University’s engineering department seems to be unaffected by the gloom residing over the economy.

Lovely Professional University is going big on placements this year despite the pandemic with Vertos getting placed with big names like Amazon Inc, Infineon Technologies, PlaySimple Games, etc. Thanks’ to LPU’s comprehensive virtual learning platform that enables students to walk beyond excellence.

Recently, six of the most adept Vertos got placed at Informatica, a software development company founded in 1993. It is headquartered in Redwood City, California. The Vertos who conquered the placement drives and are currently interning at the leading software company, Informatica, are Abhishek Mittal, Ishil Tripathi, Jibin Thomas, Krishna Barnwal, Shivam Bajaj, and Utkarsh Jain.

LPU offers a divergent pool of courses in terms of specializations and also in quality. Starting with bachelor’s degrees in several subjects, including Engineering, English and Foreign languages, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, LPU takes in various domains. Students are given ample opportunities to engage in part-time positions or co-curricular events (clubs or societies), which offers a potent stimulus for personal growth and prospects.

LPU indeed has got quite a few brilliant, renowned and competent faculties. Faculties at LPU have a rich history in the field of research, with most faculties having their own patents. Some of the courses even have mandatory research projects the carve students for their Ph.Ds. This legacy of academic excellence is passed on to the students, who prove themselves from time to time.

Over the years, a famous saying has gone viral “Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water and rest by Vertos.” LPU has an extensive alumni web across the globe that continues to unwrap new possibilities for budding Vertos.