LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY! The name is sufficient enough to turn many heads. Spreading over an area of nearly 700 acres, it is one of the largest private universities in India with more than 30,000 students and over 4000 faculty members. From the lush green gardens, alluring infrastructure, being the house to celebrities to almost providing over 200 courses across all platforms and streams and not overlooking the placement records of the past few years, the campus is indeed the most dynamic campus one could ever see which makes it more of a ‘UNIVER-CITY’ than a UNIVERSITY. Apart from this, the university has also ranked no.1 in the state and has been:

  • Among the Top 5 Private Universities in India by ‘Outlook Magazine’ in 2019
  • Ranked the Best Private University by ASSOCHAM in the year 2017
  • Ranked among Top 30 Indian Pharmacy colleges under NIRF
  • Awarded the ‘Top Institutes of India’ by CSR in 2018
  • Ranked no.1 in infrastructure by the Financial Express

The records and the benchmarks set by the University are unattainable and at the same time beyond the reach of many other universities. Some of the enticing and captivating locations are listed below, so the next time you visit this dynamic campus, make sure to have another look around for these admired places.

  • The Central Library

LPU houses the 5 tier central library which has a rich collection of around 43 lakh books, journals, magazines, e-books, research papers and several other study-related mediums that enable the students as well as the faculties to explore more related to their subject and dive into a pool of knowledge in a calm and conducive environment.

  • Division of Student’s Welfare (DSW)

Block no. 13 constitutes the Division of Student’s Welfare which provides a broad platform to the students to diversify and channelize their interests and explore more about themselves by showcasing their talents giving them proper exposure. It runs various government and non-government organisations and conducts events related to sports, cultural and other prospects.

  • Uni Centre and Uni Hospital

The Uni Centre comprises the very heart and soul of LPU, the Lovely Sweets and various other shops ranging from stationery to all sorts of food stalls like Dominos, Burger King and Dosa Plaza, this place consists of all the things you may desire. Also, the Uni Hospital supports the sick and diseased with all possible medical treatment to both students and faculties.

  • Innovation Studio

Possessing an innovative idea and not sure where to go? Then block no. 39 is the place you may seek. This place wholeheartedly welcomes you to present your idea, discuss it with the experienced ones and get complete guidance regarding how to file a patent.

  • Food Kiosks

If you are a foodie and love to eat, the food courts of LPU have all kinds of food including North Indian, South Indian, Continental, African, Chinese, Italian and more.

LPU with its diverse population from nearly 15 countries with people speaking a variety of languages, eating a variety of food, having a variety of habits and following a variety of rituals form a huge family that is bonded together with peace and harmony! The dynamicity of this university is hence proved!