Lovely Professional University’s Happenings is a space where Vertos can share their breakthroughs, ideas, and positive experiences about their time on-campus. Our team is interested in spreading the word about events organized, positivity, bulletins, latest happenings, achievements, insights of life on-campus with alumni, parents, faculties, and students.

We intend to roll out relevant content that’s both indulging and invaluable for the evolution of our community. Contribute to the Happenings blog if you want to share facts related to your area of expertise, a passion for a relevant topic, campus journalism & keeping everyone updated about the events on campus, share your insights & learnings, etc. Drafting an article and getting it read by thousands of viewers is euphoric. Pretty cool! So, here’s another pie for you. Happenings is currently looking for aspiring writers who have decent elaboratory skills and are proficient with English grammar.

Everybody has something to offer. Happenings is merely a platform where you to share your prodigious ideas and fascinate thousands of people at once.

Write for us Happenings LPU

How to join Happenings?

It is as easy as it gets! All you need to do is submit a sample article (300-400 words) on any of the given topics mentioned below. Your sample article must be indulging and free from any grammatical errors & plagiarism. Once done crafting your sample article, you can shoot a mail with your request and sample article attached to the official Happenings mail ID: 

Now you wait, they usually reply with a decision within 2-3 working days. 

Sample Topics: Away with a slice of LPU; Why cruising LPU for the first time is like being Alice in Wonderland; Why LPU is a potpourri of cultures beyond borders; The rich legacy & history of LPU that inspires me!; Embracing the traits and tales that make LPU singular!; LPU: Freshman Induction Program Reinvented!

We expect you to write the sample article by yourself. Authenticity, punctuality, and reliability are a few traits we are constantly looking for before hiring new writers.

Perks of joining Happenings as a Content Writer:

(1). Credits:

Once you start drafting articles for Happenings, you get credits for every article you post, and obviously, people notice your name on the website. You can create a good impression & reputation for yourself on-campus. If your work is impeccable and the articles speak for themselves, you might get new opportunities from the most unexpected sources.

(2). Writing pushes your communication skills to the next level:

In my honest opinion, this is the most valuable advantage that you get. Regularly posting and crafting your own articles greatly enhances your communication skills, vocabulary and gives you a better understanding of the English language. You can try this for yourself after you have posted 15 articles. Go & try reading your first article! You will notice a substantial difference.

(3). Adds value to your resume:

The articles you have published adds value to your resume. Considering all the content creation, which you will be doing for Happenings, you will definitely end up crafting a resume for yourself. Also, if your work is exceptionally brilliant, you might even get personalized LORs (letters of recommendation).

Write for us Happenings LPU

(4). Pocket money:

It doesn’t get any better! You get to write positive things, hone your skills, and get paid for the same. At Happenings, you get paid for every article you publish and earn few bucks, which you can save or invest per your will.