It is no lie that freshmen years are the busiest, scariest and wackiest time, but it’s just another fact that it goes by faster than a racing car. If you are thinking of the ‘take it easy’ method to roll into college, failure is a certain outcome. No matter how many articles you have read about ‘endless parties’ or ‘living the fun life’ in college, trust me, your whole life turns out to be a lie. As much as it is exciting and wild, your first few weeks in college defines the rest of your time in college. It’s very much important to define your beginning steps so that the path ahead will only bring success and nothing else.

Introduce Yourself to Your Course

If you are still feeling unsure about your course, don’t worry it’s completely okay and common for freshers. The first thing you should do is to research around the topics in your syllabus, understand the professions it leads to, make up your mind about the future and start working on your list of goals.

Step Out of the Library and Into the Real World

It may sound contradictory to the first point but shadowing yourself in books from the very first day is not how you do college. After you are set with the coursework and hostel, go out and meet people. Try out some clubs, fill out some forms, participate in what’s going on and try the food on the campus (my favorite).

Start Making Lists, a Lot of Them

It’s very hard to stick to a routine, so we’ll start with a mini-routines list. In your first week, make three of them. A to-do list, a reading list, and a word list. The to-do list will have everything from buying a maths textbook to do your laundry. The reading list will have all your books or articles you want to read and work list will have goals (e.g get published on the college website).

Get a Part-Time Job

Yes, your parents will be sending pocket money and everything that you need, but part-time jobs are not just about the money. TheyIt teaches you a skill, helps you with time-management and gives you an experience. And the extra cash never hurts!

Join a Club, Any Club

Whether you are good at painting or can tap your feet to the rhythm, you will find college the perfect place to get better in your hobbies. Make it a fun time where you de-stress yourself after college and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

Work Towards That Dream Life and Start Now

It’s never too early for success and so never wait until the end of graduation to start working hard. Hustle is your friend in college. Get as much as exposure and experience as you can. Use your extra time for that internship or workshop, sleeping won’t help you become a millionaire.

It’s another year, another chapter transitioning from teenage to adulthood, I will not advise you to take it easy. Because college is not meant to be easy. If you’re feeling that it’s very smooth for you, you’re doing it wrong. People say that it’s the time to live your life and enjoy but that’s just another cliche that’s not to be trusted. Hard work, sweat, and long nights are the real treasure to your dreams that people don’t talk about. So, never fall for the sugar-coated dreams, but work for the hard reality!