A time comes in everybody’s life when they dream to be independent, wanted to fly like a bird, sets the goal for a bright future and then fails at some point to get it done in a perfect way. College, a place where a youngster feels like not studying at all, no books, no neck breaking bags, but they saw the dreams to be on the seventh sky. How is it possible if one doesn’t want to do hard work? It is true that there are no such rules like the schools that we used to follow every day, but a college is a place where one could learn every day.

If worried: Go to the flashback

If worried go to the flashbackSporadically we had to decide what is superlative for ourselves. There is no perk and pitfall list of decision making. No perfect solution and formula are there. If you are worried to take the right decision then went back to the day, when you had entered the college with a spark and dedication towards your aim. That was the day when you decided to be a better person than before and would lead your life the way you want.

You have to choose!

Make a decision!When there comes a time to make a decision, the one whom you should take into account is those who stay around you. If you perceive that you need to make the decision, then just make it! Not a single person can make it for you as well as it is not accessible. It may take longer than a day or week or a month to conclude a verdict. It may leave a mess as it isn’t always going to be a clean-cut decision.

Make a decision!

Make a decision!A college is a place when you aren’t in a ‘real world’. Therefore, especially now, you should do the things that are based on the fair reasons for you. Do not do the things just because that is anticipated of you or because it could help you to build your resume. This is the time that you have the supreme command over your hard decisions. Certainly, these decisions are nasty and baffling. Only these hard decisions and the choices we made elucidate us and show who we want to be.

It is true that with the college the freedom comes, with freedom comes the duty to start making the decisions that could establish your independence and decides your future. Spending money in college involves a lot of compromises. A college helps to untangle your life for the better and at the same time find the value in having fewer rather than more.