A woman from the Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh, a player of the Indian international cricket team, wicket-keeper, Nuzhat Parween came live on Lovely Professional University’s official Instagram and Facebook page on 9th August at 6:00 PM for “Women Speaks Episode-2” organized by Student organization Aashray Army.

Aashray Army is organizing this long session of “Women Speaks”, which was already initiated through live Interaction with IAS Sonal Goel Ma’am in Episode-1. Where Sonal Ma’am encouraged women by sharing her life story, by explaining how to face any difficult situation in life. This Episode-2 of the same aims to promote Women Empowerment and to guide many women and even men who aspire to become a cricketer in the future.

Nuzhat Ma’am was live on Facebook and Instagram page at sharp 6:00 PM. Mr Aviral Dwivedi, who was live from LPU’s side welcomed Nuzhat Ma’am and kick-started the event by asking her journey of life to date and what all difficulties she faced. To which Nuzhat Ma’am replied “Cricket wasn’t my passion earlier, I started playing cricket when someone asked me to play for a tournament. After that, I started enjoying cricket and it became my passion, but I never dreamt that I will come to this level.

We all know this is just starting to her career, many more success and glories are waiting for her and hope she will make India more and more proud of her constant efforts.

A very beautiful message which she conveyed to students was about how to manage studies and sports together, she said “You should live in the present, should focus on that. Whatever you are doing, do it with proper dedication. If you playing, then study shouldn’t come in your mind and while you are studying, sport shouldn’t come in your mind. This is what worked for me and I encourage all students to follow this.”

At last, she praised Student Organization Aashray’s constant efforts to uplift the society by organizing various camps like Flood-Relief Camp, Covid-19 Relief Camp, and conducting many events for people living in rural areas. She further said that she will try to contribute to these events by the best possible way she can. She said Lovely Professional University’s move to bring celebrities to live for student interaction is great.

The continuous engagement on both Facebook and Instagram showed how much people were excited about this event and they appreciated Nuzhat Ma’am for her achievements. The live session ended with a Shayari being told by Mr Aviral for Nuzhat Ma’am.