There would hardly be any person on this planet who has not heard the term “Coronavirus’’ or “COVID-19”. The global pandemic that hit the face of the earth almost 10 months ago has now evolved to become a global phenomenon. Researchers all around the world are working day and night to try and understand not only the biochemical aspects of it but also the social effect it had on the people. Though India has seen a lot of people have been struggling to maintain a steady source of income, students are the ones who need the utmost care and nurture during this time.

  1. COVID-19 demands COURAGE

It is undoubtedly true to most of the people out there, but the special meaning that it implies for students needs to be understood well and clear. Now that students are at home either doing freelancing or lectures from home, it is quite important to maintain sound mental health. Handling both the ends together may be difficult for a student and hence creating a self-motivating environment maybe one of the hundred ways to stay growing even during the darkest phase.


While attending online classes from the comfort of their homes may be suitable for some, others may find it quite difficult to focus and unorganized sometimes. In such a situation, many online platforms provide interactive classes and courses to keep your mind cheerful at the same time maximizing your knowledge bank. Even LPU itself hold different webinars, talks, and live session to keep you engaged to the brim.

  1. Starting AFRESH

Though this pandemic can become quite unpredictable, the government is planning to open schools and colleges as soon as possible. In such a scenario, students have to start from the very beginning when it comes to lifestyle changes. Maintaining social distancing, frequent use of sanitizers, just to name a few. This period will be one of the toughest but as we come along and start revamping our lifestyles’ things will surely change for the good.


Well many of us may have the same doubt revolving around our minds whether the employment ratio post-COVID will decrease? Will the placements be as it used to be earlier? Though all we can do is hope for the best, there is a little chance, it will do downwards. Many companies are coming forward with interest to hire newer and more talented professionals and hence, it won’t be fair to lose hope.

  1. Will everything be NORMAL again?

Concluding all the talks will be the major question of Normalcy. COVID-19, however bad it may be, has taught us what the new normal is going to look like and we all must adhere to that. Safe practices may be harsh in the beginning but soon will just be the way of life.