The Lessons Diwali Teaches


“Pick a wick and immerse it in an oil lamp, but wait. Don’t be too quick. If the wick is drowned in oil, you won’t be able to bring light. It needs to be partially immersed to lighten and brighten up.”

Life is identical to the wick of lamp, you ought to be in the material world and yet remain unblemished by it. Take a tour of your everyday lives. There are situations as crackers of distinct shapes and intensity. Small rockets scare us, as we are unaware of what direction they may blast away in. It’s illusionary and our mental contemplation, every situation just needs direction to end successfully in everyone’s favour. 

The night of Diwali is brighter than daylight. Everyone is out without any fear of their safety. Rest of the nights are dark and full of terror. We frame our circumstances and then are tamed by them. Why can’t we always roam as freely as on Diwali night? Let’s frame our nights differently. With a wick and oil lamp of hope, we can.

Express invitations are sent to Goddess Laxmi who bestows us with wealth and fortune. She is omnipresent and will cross clean lawns and dust free houses to reach those who reach out to her. When we all know the mantra of “cleanliness attracts Godliness” then why don’t we follow it every day? 

Darkness can bring bliss, because it speaks of the urgency to illuminate. Such are the lessons of Diwali, and its annual occurrence is but a reminder of these.