Being a college student could be challenging at times, as you need to survive on your own. So, why not use the latest technology to make our college life easier? People can’t carry computers or laptops everywhere, but the compact phone is no trouble. Thus, even the elephantine companies have downsized themselves to small icons on your phone, in the form of apps! Cause that’s the demand of the public, they want everything easily accessible. In apps, the solutions to your problems are literally on your fingertips! Here are some useful apps a college student must install to run their college life smoothly :


  1. LPU Touch 

An eco-friendly initiative by the Lovely Professional University. LPU Touch app has reduced the wastage of papers, to a great extent as all the announcements related to placements, cultural activities, and sports, all are uploaded on it. Even the student’s attendance, academic performance, class assignments, exam dates, exam sitting arrangements, fee statement and time table is visible on the phone screen. You can also book your appointment for Unihospital, search the desired book in the gargantuan central library and even post an RMS request; all through a single app! This app is totally safe as it is impervious by hackers, and only the user with the correct password can have access to it.


  1. Stay focused – App block 

The main reason why we religiously check other’s stories on Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp; is that we are way too interested in seeing what others are up to. This app is an antidote to your phone addiction and is highly recommended for college students who are easily distracted even at the sound of a new notification. It displays the list of apps, on which you spend most of your time. After which you can blacklist them with the help of this app. You can even set a time limits to those apps which you honestly feel; are wasting your time and energy, Stay focused App would block them once you exceed the time limit. You can also set a self note, so that in case if ever you try to reuse those blocked apps, you get a pop-up message as a warning to rethink about your top priorities and goals.


  1. Hexi Mobility 

An app contributing to truncate air pollution. The Hexi app provides green transportation services to its subscribers. Here, ‘green’ is used in the sense of ‘non-motorised’ vehicles. Hexi cycles are healthy for both its riders as well as to our environment. All you need to do is install the Hexi Mobility app, get its subscription and start your travel with unlocking the E-bike by scanning its QR code with the app. Once you reach your destination hit the EndTrip option on your phone and your E-bike gets auto-locked. Simple and efficient. Their tag line is apt at it states that ‘Every time you use Hexi, you choose better health and a greener environment.


  1. Offline Dictionary 

There are several offline dictionaries available in the App Store. Today, hardly anyone is seen carrying a thousand-page book. We no longer use the traditional and time taking way of searching for a word in alphabetical order. Now, you can find the meaning of your desired word within seconds. And not just the meaning, you get its origins, usage in a sentence, its antonyms and synonyms, all at once. Offline dictionary apps are simple, efficient and most importantly, they do not consume your net pack!


  1. Scientific Calculator 

For all the engineers out there, reading this post right now, go install an offline scientific calculator ASAP. Though you are not permitted to use the phone during class hours, it comes handy when solving a problem outside your classroom. You obviously can’t roam around carrying an expensive scientific calculator, as it is possible that it might get lost or stolen.


  1. Google Calendar 

It is one of the best reminder apps. Just ping down your important dates on it and it will remind you beforehand. You can set your CA submission dates, important lecture/seminars, weekly or monthly planner, exam dates or any event you don’t want to miss. As a college student, it’s your individual responsibility to timely submit your assignments. Nobody is good enough to remind you of the deadlines for your projects. So, don’t depend on someone, just mark down your relevant dates, on this app.


  1. PDF Reader 

This is a must-have application for all college students as in colleges, most of the teaching is done via presentations. Professors can directly share those presentations in PDF format. This digital mode of sharing education ensures that no student miss anything important. Thus, a PDF reader comes of great use as you get to study those important lectures on phones or laptops and make notes anytime you feel comfortable.


  1. Railyatri 

This is one of the best train-traveling apps. If your college is far from your home, then trains become an economic mode of transportation, because a college student can’t afford airfares every now and then. Railyatri app helps you book your tickets, know your PNR status, check the live running status of the train and even get a map of your entire route.


  1. News App 

Being a college student, it is hard to maintain the habit of daily newspaper reading and various news updates are sure to be missed out due to a busy schedule. But through various News Apps on your phone, you can have a check on the daily happenings both at national as well as international level. These apps help you to have general awareness. Many news channels have opened their mobile app, which provides news of your interest: nation, world, sports, entertainment, business and so on.


  1. SHAREit 

Last but never the least, SHAREit App is the mother of all apps. Functions just like Bluetooth, but works way faster. You can share or receive any free app, document, photo or video within fractions of time.