I’m back with another piece of LPU placement news! Meet Shankar Marotirao Jadhav, Kelhe Dhiraj Kailas, and Anish Kumar Jha, three B. Tech. CSE students from LPU have landed incredible jobs with the multinational tech giant Amazon for a huge payout worth Rs. 45.86 lakhs!

Deep Learning and Neural Networks are both topics that Shankar Jadhav has studied in depth and become certified in through DeepLearning.AI. Additionally, he has completed a course in machine learning at Stanford University. On CodeChef, Dhiraj Kelhe has earned a rating of 3 stars, while on HackerRank, he has earned a rating of 5 stars for his C++ coding. Dhiraj has completed several courses in the Python programming language through the online platform Coursera. Anish Jha is always eager to pick up new skills and experiment with cutting-edge equipment and software. On LeetCode, he has successfully finished more than 550 C++ problems.

Amazon sells items and services in over 180 countries. Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, began as an online bookstore but now sells electronics and groceries too. The company offers cloud computing, digital content, and advertising. Amazon has transformed shopping and media consumption with its customer-focused approach and innovative technologies. It has become a global brand due to its low prices, speedy delivery, and wide selection. The corporation keeps adding new products and services to meet customer needs.

Lovely Professional University is one of the most prestigious private universities in India. It is renowned for the quality of its education as well as the placements it secures for its students. The institution provides students with the opportunity to take classes in a wide variety of subject areas, such as engineering, management, computer applications, law, and a great many more. Students at LPU have access to a plethora of career options and placement offers thanks to the institution’s stellar reputation for having strong industry contacts and collaborations with a number of different multinational corporations.