Not something unheard of, we can easily say that stress is the ruler of our consciousness. At some point or the other, you must have felt it in your nerves, the ringing in your ears, the thumping of your heart, the tightening of your muscles, and sometimes blanking out as well. All of this does remind you of something or some situation you ever faced in your life. Sometimes, when stress overwhelms you, your mind is unable to process the basic reality of things, pushing you over the edge with an inkling of inching towards your doomsday.

In such scenarios, you need to focus on the root cause of the stress that is pulling you out of your sleep and amend it. The amendment does not occur overnight; it is a habit- a routine. The ways I am going to mention to kick off stress may blow off your mind as in how the simplest of things can make the biggest difference in our lives. Let’s get started!

The so-called ‘Me Time’!

Did I say ‘so-called’? Probably because it is still a myth for many and not many believe in the notion of being lonely reducing stress. But believe me, it’s an applied and tested fact that spending time alone, with yourself, can lead to the release of a great deal of happy hormones explicitly endorphins that can play a humongous role in fending off your stress hormones. There’s no better company than you, yourself. So, go ahead, grab a chance to be with you, and do what you like, kicking away all the likelihood of having stress.


We have heard enough times that ‘laughter is the best medicine’, or ‘laughter is the best exercise’, how many of you believed it to be true? I bet not many of you. For the ones who haven’t given it a thought, laughter works on your facial muscles, stimulates your blood circulation, and is found equivalent to diet and exercise. It burns calories too! Not only does it improve your circulation of blood but opens the gates for the release of endorphins as well which ultimately results in an unintended workout!

Doing smart work rather than hard work

We have been taught in our schools that ‘Hard work is the key to success’; after growing up, we all have realized the hard way that not hard work, but rather the one who does smart work succeeds. Also, we know that ‘there are no shortcuts to success’, but smart work allows you to move around the shortcuts and make a simpler path of your own, reducing your stress level.

As you must be aware, April is Stress Awareness Month, so why not make this worthy enough to get rid of the biggest parasite in the world?