You walk into a bookstore or the WHSmith in campus and if you spot a book by any of the authors below, I recommend you buy them without second thoughts. Here is a list for everyone to enjoy. They are hand-picked favourites of mine covering all the genres.

  • Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie is the best when it comes to detective stories. The way the author describes the crime and the intelligence of the detective- Hercule Poirot, will leave you baffled. I’d recommend you read all her books, but to start you off with some of her mind-blowing works, I suggest you read “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd”, “The Murder on the Orient Express”, and my favourite of all times- “And Then There Were None”.

  • Dan Brown

The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, his genre is tilted toward conspiracy. With Secret organizations like the Illuminati and how they changed the world order, his stories are centered around the Vatican City. A mind opener, his works will set you thinking.

  Danielle Steel

Hope, Courage, Love, Destiny, the author touches the heart with a beautiful read that’ll leave you in tears. A must read author for all the women out there. My favourites from her are “The Long Road Home” and “Until the End of Time”.

  • Gillian Flynn

I have recently become a fan of Gillian Flynn. Her novel “The Gone Girl” is one helluva roller coaster ride sure to leave your stomach churning. Her style of writing is fascinating. The Gone Girl is a mystery revolving around the hardships of marriage, a book that I guarantee you’ll enjoy.

  • James Patterson

You’ll absolutely love his works on Suspense and Thriller. “Gone” and “Invisible” will leave you on the edge of your chairs. I once stumbled across a romance novel of his titled “Sundays at Tiffany’s”, a wonderful story of a young girl and the perfect man with an intriguing concept of imaginary friends.

  • John Grisham

He is the king of Legal Thrillers. Every book of his is a page-turner. My first book of his was “The Firm” a very gripping novel about a young man and his new wife and of course the twists and turns and manipulation of law and firms that play with it. There was a phase when all I read were his novels. “The Summons”, “A Painted House”, “A time to kill” and the list goes on.

  • Nicholas Sparks

There was another phase where I went crazy for his novels. His books on Romance is like none other. A really good author to read on rainy days. Emotions are so well brought out, you are bound to get attached to the characters. “A walk to remember”, “The Notebook”, “A message in a bottle”, “Dear John”, “The last song” and many more you can just pick blindfold and end up falling in love. Be sure to keep a box of tissues nearby while reading!

  • Stephen King

I am pretty sure you have watched IT, a horror film released earlier this year based on his book. Yup, his books are not for the fainthearted. After a really good Sunday lunch, pick up his books to burn those extra calories. A must read is “The Shining”. Describing this book will be a spoiler. Just so you know, this book will keep you awake for nights!

Hope you read and enjoy them as much as I did!