Percy Bysshe Shelley has rightly said, “Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world

Poetry has always been as relieving to a withered heart as it is to a tranquil soul. Unfortunately, the millennial are too delinquent in indulging the pleasures of poetry reading. Owing to the modern rat race all of us are a part of, poems are being forgotten as the time passes by.

Here are a few poems that will strike the dormant chords of your heart:

Alone With Everybody by Charles Bukowski


This poem aptly describes the discomfiture that loneliness brings along. Bukowski has accurately penned the strangling emotions we go through when we are unable to fill the void that lies within us.

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Stars by Emily Bronte


q The aftermath of a breakup is rightly worded in this poem. Although the title implies that the speaker is addressing the stars in the sky, it can be argued that the stars are a metaphor for the speaker and his/her love interest.

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Sweet Endings Come And Go, Love by George Eliot


This poem tries to convey how nothing lasts forever but still, every relationship has a distinct feature to it.

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Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath


Depression and suicidal tendencies are often misunderstood and people never seem to understand the dark and strong motives that drive a person to commit suicide. Lady Lazarus is a brilliant piece of art which perfectly depicts how damaged a person trying to commit suicide is.

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Pleasure by Charlotte Bronte

Alluring nature in her true form is something the Millennials are unaware of. A lot of human activity has today vandalized the earth of its beauty. Bronte’s poem tells us about how soothing nature can be.

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Authorship by Rabindranath Tagore

In this poem, Rabindranath Tagore tries to peep into a child’s mind. The inability to understand his father’s work and his innocence gives an amusing picture to the reader.

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What Are Big Girls Made Of by Marge Piercy

This poem deals with how women are burdened to meet the ever narrowing criteria of fashion. This poem is a lament of women who allow themselves to be caught in the painful dilemma of being retooled, refitted and redesigned to match the style of every decade. The pain women go through is described without painting a rosy picture.

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A Fairy Tale by Amy Lowell

This poem invokes a feeling of relatability in all of us. The fascination of fairy tales in children outgrows their age and they realize how difficult life truly is.

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Happy Reading!