Tough times don’t last long if people come together and work for a common goal. At this crucial and sensitive time of a global pandemic, let’s not forget to thank a few of the pandemic heroes. Heroes who are working day and night with their own lives at stake to make our lives better. From doctors to garbage collectors to electricians to food delivery boys we can’t show enough gratitude towards them for coming out at this time from their homes to work for us. The news reporters and journalists working day night to update us with the Pandemic details, let’s come together and show some gratefulness to them.

While these heroes are working every day every night for our survival why not help them with this work too by staying home and staying safe. Maintaining personal hygiene, social distancing, working from home and following the lockdown rules by not going out of your house unnecessarily. Just a few steps and it will make a huge impact on this deadly disease and for these people who are helping us to fight these tough times by providing their uninterrupted services. We shouldn’t forget to thank the police force as well who are working out so that we stay safe inside our homes.

This is written to show acknowledgement and in appreciation of these heroes so again a hefty thank you! A special video made by one of the esteemed LPU Students organization Club Illuminati to encourage and support these heroes. It was also made to honor their hard work and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

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This quarantine our Club Illuminati family have taken a small initiative as a gesture to show that we all are together and to thank to those who are always for us no matter what brings our way of saluting the respected Police man, Doctors, House Helpers, Soldiers and The people who supplies medicine to us. It’s our turn to help them keep ourself safe. So, please be at home, be safe and healthy. For correct news and updates please download the Arogya setu app which also acts a tracker for covid-19 will further help us to be aware and safe within our surroundings. #teamwork #clubilluminatilpu #quarantine #stayhomestaysafe #behealthy #theenlightenedera #jaihind #lockdown #lockdown2.0 Edited by: @dadhi_wala_baba @lpuuniversity @aniket_aggarwal03 @aman.ak8799 Audio Courtesy: @jjustmusicofficial

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Lovely Professional University had come up with the idea of teaching students through online mode. In regards to this, they had launched an app LPU LIVE where students are provided with study material, PPT with audio for explanation and documents of every single class. Teachers are working hard to teach students and building their careers in this pandemic.

Let’s support our heroes who are busy healing our Earth. Let’s utilize this time in a proper way for ours better tomorrow.