The title does sound scary, right? No one wants to be tested positive for the disease that has claimed the lives of millions all over the world. But don’t worry, as it isn’t life-threatening for everyone and people have recovered in huge numbers. I would also like to add my personal experience as after going through the same, I know how hard it is to cope up when such a situation arises.

A few months back when the second wave was at its peak, I along with my family started developing symptoms that directly indicated the infection by the coronavirus. The real dilemma arises when everyone is affected and you don’t know who can take care of whom. The symptoms were so obvious that a test wasn’t needed to confirm it, but even after you start with the signs and symptoms, you should get tested so that you can start the medications as soon as possible.

Isolate yourself

The first and foremost priority should be isolating yourself from your family regardless of the infection status of others. This is because the ones within proximity of you have the highest probabilities to reciprocate the infection and catch the disease. Self-isolating is applicable also when each one of your family is affected as you never know the impact and the duration the virus is going to stay in your body, and you tend to re-infect the one who is trying to recover. I know it’s tough, but it is the only way to stop the virus from spreading.


Keep check on your temperature and oxygen level at regular intervals. I had a temperature surpassing 102 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 continuous days and an Oxygen level below 90% wasn’t helping either (all in the middle of my end terms!). You need to make sure you don’t continue to have a high temperature for a longer duration and try to bring it down. The optimum oxygen level should be above 94% and if it falls below that, try proning and breathing exercises to increase it.

Keep taking medications

Keep a track of what medicine to take and when, and do try not to miss any dose. Keep on consuming multivitamin tablets so that the weakness does not persist longer than the illness which is the major issue for many recovered patients. If possible, try homemade remedies as well as they can work wonders too! Consume paracetamol (P-650) whenever the fever rises.

Don’t stress yourself and stay calm

The most important aspect is not to panic. Yes, the situation will be difficult to handle, and might even cause hopelessness, but don’t lose your hope and trust yourself; and you’ll be able to deal with it. Stress hampers both your physical or mental health and can even make your condition worse. Also, if you a have severe cough, cold, body ache, breathing problem and chest pain, contact your physician immediately, and conduct all the necessary tests. Get admitted to a hospital if the situation deteriorates.