You have been struck with the COVID-19 pandemic. The brave warriors have been fighting out continuously since the COVID-19 has struck in to make sure we all are safe and secured. Putting their heart on sleeves, the frontline force has been a complete backbone throughout. We just can’t imagine the efforts that put on. The more we applaud the lesser it’s going to count.

Doctors, Paramedical Staff, Civil Staff and Nurses. There is not a single second when their life is not at risk. The testing time has not only brought financial distress but also put a big question mark on health crises. During my previous job, I was in between doctors throughout so I can imagine the level of risk involved. Even when the COVID-19 was peak and cases coming up, Doctors have kept the clinics and Consultations Open.

There are many who have actually given up their lives too because of the spread of Virus especially the Nurses, Civic staff. We as a nation are very proud to have such heroes and brave hearts working day in day out just to make sure Ones who have turned Positive are treated with Absolute care.

Equally applaudable is the efforts of Police Personnel throughout the country. When the world is safe and secure it’s just because they have a belief there is someone protecting. We have always notions set for them but the efforts they put are beyond imaginable. Handwara incident has just gone pass by on May 2. The Martyrs who gave up their lives to take down the terrorists. There are endless stories of bravery of Police Personnel. The attacks of 26/11 flashes back when thinking of being commendable.

Lovely Professional University has been a source of inspiration for everyone and always come out to help the community and its students throughout. It’s a very proud and honor to be a student of LPU because the kind of nurturing you receive her is the best in the world.

Lovely Professional has always believed in appreciating the talent across the world and provide them with scholarships on the basis of academic excellence, cracking the Entrance exams and acknowledging the brilliance in sports and their family being a part of the serving nation.

To acknowledge the efforts of Frontline workers, LPU has come up with the Unique and Special scholarship of INR 20 crores in honor of the continuous self-service if they have put up to fight against the Deadly Virus. The wards of the special individuals will be awarded special scholarships in the session 2020-2021 which would be applicable throughout the regular program for the entire duration.

Following are the categories of the selfless workforce and their respective classifications which are as follows:-

Code A — Medical / Health — Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical Staffs Lab staff working in hospital.

Code B — Medical Professionals — Pharmacists

Code C — Police Personal of all states/UT’s — All Ranks

Code D — Municipal Corporations/ Councils / Nagar Panchayat or any other Municipal Body or Equivalent — Civic Staff & Sanitation workers only.

Code E — Survivors of COVID-19

Code F — Deceased of COVID-19

Code G — Media Persons — Print, Electronic and Digital Media.

Code H — Indian Railway Employees — Engaged in Transportation of Goods/Freight Trains.

Code I — Airlines Employees — Engage in Transportation of Goods/ Cargo employees or emergency passenger flights to bring the stranded Indians.

Code J — Bank Employees.

Code K — Employees of Pharma Companies/Research Companies.

Code L — District Administration.

All the frontline scholarships are to the wards of above Brave hearts expect in case of Survivors of COVID-19, the scholarship is applicable to the ward and self too. All the warrior will be awarded a 20% Tuition fee Waiver.

So the next thing would come out your mind would be ‘How to apply for it’ which is as follows.

  • Last date for the application through this scheme is 30th May 2020.
  • This scholarship would be applicable for offered for the program in Regular mode only.
  • Take Admission in the selected programme.
  • Make the Application for the COVID-19 Frontline Scholarship.
  • You need to submit the Valid proof which are:- ID Card, Service Certificate, Certificate from Employer, Drug License, Medical Shop Registration, Discharge Certificate from Hospital Or, any other document certifying the proof of eligibility of scholarship.
  • To Certify the involvement of the concerned employee in essential services during Lockdown to COVID 19 you would need the certificate from the Head of Institute.
  • All your above documents will be verified by the special committee appointed for this purpose for the swift approval of all the cases.

Lovely Professional University believes in only one thing to acknowledge the efforts of the Bravehearts of our country and make them feel special.