How’s the weather today in your region? I hope it’s nice. At my place, everything seems normal too, but when I go outside to breathe fresh air, it feels somewhat unnatural. During morning walks, eyes turn red and itchy. It becomes hard to breathe. Sometimes, I ponder on having oxygen cylinders on my back to respire without constraints. If you also feel the same then, you too need a change from all that’s happening. But hey, why is this cropping up?

Climate crisis is a real thing, but a lot of people are not aware of it. Or if they’re aware, they’re just not believing it. Even if they believe, they don’t want to talk about it. “Climate crisis is a humdrum topic,” they say. I don’t care whether it’s boring or not, most probably due to my love for mother nature.

When you were bursting crackers this Diwali, she was crying. When you were killing animals for food or festive celebrations, she was feeling compelled. When you were burning stubble on farms and were recklessly using ‘toxic’ motor vehicles even for very short distances, the mother nature was crying and coughing helplessly in the corner of a dark room. New Year is here, but there is nothing ‘new’ for her.

The reason you’re careless about it is that you’re not aware of how much disastrous threat our human life is posing to this planet Earth. Every year more than nine million tons of plastic end up being dumped in the oceans. These magnificent ecosystems for numerous aquatic beings have turned into landfills now. The brutal hunting of 100 million sharks every year just for their liver oil is not justified. And who is responsible for deforesting 28 million hectares of land every year? What can nature do if someone loves eating meat? She can only see, with blubbering eyes, her three billion children being slaughtered every single day for food. Moreover, humans will kill about half a million sharks for the Covid-19 vaccine, an NGO claims. If these figures don’t fan the flames of your anger, then why do you even exist?

In ancient times, when humans learned to make advanced tools to hunt animals, the claim emerged to be on top of the food chain. But sitting on top doesn’t mean scrapping everything which lies underneath. If we don’t have a rigid foundation, our building will instantly collapse. “Humankind” is a term widely used, but believe me, humans are not so kind now.

Talking about the environment doesn’t mean talking only about pollution and global warming. These are only fundamental things to make you understand the upcoming disaster. Every now, we see cyclones, droughts, and floods taking away everything with them, and we can’t do anything against them! Still, we think that we’re more muscular than nature. Nope. She looks beautiful and behaves mellowly to us, which doesn’t mean that she’ll tolerate every offense we do to her. She will rise and give us a dose of our own medicine. You’re witnessing her dance of fury in the form of Covid-19 disease or with higher AQI in many regions, making life more hellish.

Newton persuaded everyone for an equal and contrary reaction to each action. He was undoubtedly correct. We apply his law to almost everything we see, then why do we think that nature will forgive us for all the sins just because we call her our “mother.” We talk of human rights, and for that, we see candle marches or road-shows almost every day. But why don’t we talk about the rights of these silent creatures disregarded by humans? Turning this article into a book is possible, and I’ll do that one day, but what is the motive of writing when you don’t understand the real meaning. I started loving mother nature after feeling abashment for all these things. Now, I want YOU to feel the same. We can reverse the catastrophe, and for it, we need to stand up. If “Greta Thunberg” can, why can’t we?