The essence of life is the beauty of Nature. So, why don’t we go around the world visualising the things that Nature has gifted us?

The true meaning of life is to live it and experience every moment of life. So, why not have a glimpse of these caricatures, monuments and even our surroundings filled with beautiful scenic views. If one gets a chance to visit different places and experience the lifestyle there, how can one avoid going to such places?

As we all know, in this fast-paced generation of technological advances, everyone is busy competing with others. Then, who will take care of them and their family as all are busy with their work, having no time to interact with each other.

Travelling is the only solution which can be of immense help in keeping aside their work and worries, and getting along with their family members, spending some time together, enjoying and having fun together.

Travelling doesn’t only mean going to faraway places by emptying your pockets. Travelling can be anything when one goes with their loved ones and enjoys the true essence of life together by going to nearby parks, picnic spots, museums, etc. Spending some time together with your loved ones can be really helpful in freshening you up and relieving you from stress and work pressure. So, why not travel when it can also be of immense help to you and your loved ones in addition to the scenic view.

Travelling to other places might give you a chance of meeting new faces; knowing them and their traditions, and getting along with their lifestyles. The answers to all questions of life are hidden in Nature. One might surely identify new things when travelling to different places as every place has its own unique traditions and beliefs.

Travelling helps one in getting relaxed and to feel the true beauty of nature. The one who doesn’t get a chance to travel to the places, where one might encounter the sight of Nature, probably might not be able to understand the true meaning of life. Nature is a gift of God to us and we should use it wisely. We also should know the importance of Nature. Nature really has some unknown hidden powers which help us in getting relieved from our stress and feel relaxed. So, travelling helps us in getting away from our busy schedules and get relaxed. The best remedy to every problem is getting along with Nature.

So, let us all make plans to travel with our loved ones and spend some time with them in the true beauty of Nature (once the lockdown ends and we are safe from the extent of diseases).

-By Abhishek K Singh