We have to make certain choices that are not easy. Most of us face this dilemma after graduating from high school. The pressure to decide on a specific course and whether to stay near home or go to a campus far from home. There are several other factors such as availability of courses, finance and the placement opportunities which guides our choice and consumes our mind. The reliability and comfort of home cannot be abandoned in an instant.

Most students pick the easy choice. They choose to stay close to home as the thought of far flung adventures scares them. They think about the positive aspects of staying close to home to such a level that the negatives are unconsciously ignored.

College is a place where you start from scratch and make something out of yourself. Often, having that comfort of home only draws you back and does not let you grow.

Here’s why you should be flapping your wings to venture far away during your college life, otherwise:

  1. Your family may come unannounced and ruin your weekend by wanting to hang out with you
  2. You will be tempted to ditch parties and dorm fun for home and the homemade food
  3. You’ll have a hard time becoming an independent and self-reliant individual
  4. You’ll miss out on bonding and interacting with new people
  5. You’ll be tempted to throw your laundry back home. Trust me, you need to learn how to do it on your own
  6. You’ll miss out on important experiences such as learning to budget and getting things done by yourself
  7. You’ll never know how it feels to eat alone or wash your shoes. These experiences teach you more about adulthood than anything else
  8. You may graduate with a degree but you’ll never have those growing pains to live successfully