Renowned Bollywood & theatre actor Anup Soni and his team visited Lovely Professional University to enact acclaimed comic drama ‘My Wife’s 8th Vachan’. The humorous as well insightful play featured class-actors Anup Soni as Madhur; Monisha Katial as Mahak (both husband & wife); and, Vinay Jain as Daksh in lead roles.

The play kept the audience, comprising LPU’s students and staff members, engaged for the entire duration. It was a great watch as it was not just a comedy but also conveyed a strong message. It stands testament to the charisma of the star performers, who enthralled LPU audience through notable gimmicks & theatrics.

LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal and Pro Chancellor Rashmi Mittal applauded the actors, director and allied workers for presenting the live scenes necessitating the theme of the play.

Almost one & half hour long, this comic family play was based on marriages, which are always difficult to solve while being in conflicts and tense relations. The characters of the play- Madhur and Mahak are married for many years, and yet have been quarreling over trifles for unknown reasons.

As per the ‘Plot’, the play started with a much-married couple having their usual fights, which looked cute rather than toxic. As the play progressed, it got better and better. After some time, the third character enters, and the play takes a turn toward sentimental comedy, with emotions thrown in here and there. Comedy punches were well knit for the entertainment of the audience. All three lead actors did their part in coherence and pulled the play skilfully, where the timing and coordination were also intact.

The conclusion of the play made the audience feel good, as it delivered an influential message that in good relationships regular communication is of much importance. With a light-hearted tone and texture, the play “My Wife’s 8th Vachan” effectively conveyed the idea that “communication is the key to success (Baat Karne Se Hi Baat Banti Hai)”.

Bollywood & Theatre actor Anup Soni performing along his team in a comic drama ‘My Wife’s 8th Vachan’ at LPU campus (2)

While interacting with the audience, the famous host of 2000+ crime episodes, Actor Anup Soni shared: “The comic genre of this play provided me with an opportunity to explore my comic inner-self as an actor. Earlier, I had a very serious image. It’s a brilliant script and I did my 100% for the audience, which I hope will like my comic side as well.” Vinay Jain says that he liked acting in this play as it deals with the eternal theme of human relationship. Monisha is happy to act as “Mahak”, who has all the shades of today’s woman.