The more you learn, the more you earn”, this beautiful line is said by one of the world’s wealthiest human, Warren Buffet. Here “learn” not only mean academics, but it also includes overall knowledge, self-growth facts and knowing yourself. And “earn” means earning health, popularity, proudness and wealth.

College years can be revolutionary years for anybody, and nothing is better than self-help books to guide a person before beginning these crucial years of life. So, here is a list of top 5 inspirational books for college students that can surely change their life.

1. Think and Grow Rich

BookWritten by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich is recommended by almost all actors, monks, and businessman. This book has the potential to change your perspective towards money. In this book Napoleon Hill has written the common strategy, thinking the direction of 40+ millionaires and how they work under all circumstances. The most impacting part of this book which makes it best inspirational book is when he deals about imagination and the way it acts directly and indirectly in our daily life.

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

BookAs the name says, this book comprises of habits and some daily crack and strategies of highly successful and effective people. The author has discussed proactiveness and controlling your life with imaginations and belief of the mind, some daily hacks like prioritization and balancing your physical self, mental self, spiritual self, and social self together. Every student should read this book and it will surely help in developing some great habits in them.

3. How to Win Friends & Influence People

BookWe usually get involved very much in our self and self-growth that we forget to realize and connections and behavior towards others are the most important things if you want to become impactful and worthy. This is the best book to make you realize this thing and teach you the tricks and techniques of dealing with people. Dale Carnegie’s in the book deals with issues like criticism and complaint towards others. He also talked beautifully about positive thinking vs speaking and acting positively.

4. Elon Musk, How the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla is shaping our future

BookThe best biography that can boost, motivate and inspire you in this student age is Elon Musk’s book. Ashlee Vance has beautifully written the book and dives into all the ups and downs of Elon’s life. Anybody can get the inner spark by reading the routines, habits and especially will-power of Elon from his college days and the long-term thinking and allegiance towards revolutionizing the world. This book will also teach you how to tackle the most difficult situations of life amazingly.

5. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

BookRobin Sharma is famous for giving the best self-help hacks and unique techniques to achieve goals and desires in his books. This book contains stories which are easily relatable with self and give a new perspective to think again about our thoughts, goals, and desires. He touched the concepts like mastering your mind, seeking purpose, living the present and most important respecting time. The part that makes it most inspirational book is habits section, where he talked about self-analyzing every morning, opposition thinking and visualizing.