Books are man’s best friend. We have been listening to this quote for a very long time and at some point in life, every individual feels why it is been called this. It would be so unfair to any reader if the books are not counted as the basic necessity of human life. Researches also say that the best way of growing own self and to know more about ourselves is through books. Books have been playing an important role in the day to day life from very early.

What does it take to read a book?

The World Of Books

Reading a book is not as easy as a cup of tea which seems to many, but it is not any hard either as of hitting a bullseye in the game of darts. Every skill is developed. None of us is born with something, yet we learn and acquire whatever we feel basic and important. Reading just requires some patience and curiosity to maintain a reading habit. It is said that you can acquire any habit in just 21 days, all that it needs is patience, honesty, and discipline.

How to select a book?

Wondering, where to start? Yes, because why not; there are like billions of published books written by millions of authors from all around the globe waiting to be read in every corner of this planet. Written in different languages, from English (the global language) to the poetry books written in native languages, the list never ends.

The World Of Books

Books are generally categorized into two types:

  • Fiction Books

These are books generally written on imagination. You can see the creativity of an author and would be amazed to see the imagination of people out there similar to you who have created their whole world. Harry Potter is one of the most wonderful pieces of fiction out there that changed the life of a woman and made her world worth billions. Every fantasy, horror, mystery, thriller, drama and historical books of similar genres fall under this category.

  • Non-Fiction Books

Mainly focused on facts and figures, non-fiction books are generally experiences or analyses. Unlike the fictional one, these do not have any imagination sort of stuff to create something spicy for the readers.

Where to get a book?

The World Of Books

This isn’t a big problem, all it needs is the reader’s interest. As they say, “we can find God himself if there is purity and will to find him”, same goes with the books, a bookaholic will always find a way to read. Whether it be through the college library or from the local vendors; some readers save money for books too. Borrow it from a friend of yours or get issued one from the library what are you waiting for?

Once you will learn to read, You will be forever free.