Every college student wants to excel in academics and evolve into the best version of themselves. This seemingly simple task is easier said than done, for it takes a lot more than just studying. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is by utilizing all the facilities and opportunities given to the student. The best source of learning for any college student is their professors, who are generally their last resort.

There are a lot of reasons why this highly underrated yet one of the best resources is rarely used. Students report feeling intimidated and anxious to talk to their professors which is often the prime reason in Indian Universities for decreased student-teacher interactions.

Having a positive relationship and maintaining a good social status among the teachers could be more beneficial than you might think, especially for students of the Natural Sciences whose faculty is always active in research.

Getting to know a professor and learning from him/her have a huge range of benefits: –

  • A better understanding of the concepts taught.
  • Regular feedback on your progress.
  • A student can better understand his/her areas requiring improvement.
  • Higher probabilities of bagging any opportunity.
  • Learning about your area of interest.
  • You could find help in figuring out your career or future plans.
  • A headstart in the research field.
  • An assistantship.
  • Even a letter of recommendation!

Not only the students but the professors can better evaluate their teaching methods through interactions too. But all the benefits aside, how could this be achieved?

  • Attend classes regularly

Most students underestimate the importance of attending all the initial classes with the pre-conceived notion of them being “not important” but the first thing you should do is attend classes regularly and always strive to be a very good student in your classes.

  • Meet them regularly to seek feedback

You should be meeting with your professors regularly to obtain feedback and academic advice; these meetings can also clarify your concepts and provide extra tutoring. After all, this is why your teachers are present. This not only helps students but also helps teachers understand what the students need and teach accordingly.

  • Stay in touch even if your course is complete

There is absolutely no harm in keeping in touch with them even after you’ve completed that particular course as you would never know when you might require their help and expertise. Students can only use their time and energy to their full potential and achieve all-around success only if they realize the opportunities and help offered to them.

So, go ahead and step into the blissful intellectual experience that your college has to offer and don’t forget to build that profile of yours!