Before choosing a university or college we do some background research about the facilities and infrastructures it provides. We always check for the basic facilities it provides but always forgets, rather ignores to be more precise, to dig about one of the major infrastructures, which is THE LIBRARY. Seriously, do we ever check about the kind of library, your soon going to be university has?

In the era of ebooks or digital books, libraries have been underestimated and students have started avoiding going to libraries. Although ebooks are convenient and easy to use, their cons are much heavier than the pros. You strain your eyes, can get distracted receiving the notifications on your device.

Libraries offer you a great advantage in many ways.

  • Provides you with a relaxed environment to study.

LibraryOne of the major roles of the library is that you get a silent and relaxed environment to study. Students prefer libraries over their hostel rooms to prepare their projects and for exams, as they get access to a lot of information that resides in the library that helps them in their work.

  • Gives you access to books that aren’t easily accessible.

LibraryUniversity/college libraries give you access to books that are highly demanded and aren’t easily available to everyone. There are a lot of course books that have been written by foreign authors and aren’t available in some countries, at that time the library proves to be your best friend.

  • Want to save money? Get used to the library then.

TravelReading and issuing books are free in any institutional libraries. You don’t have to buy expensive books just for a chapter or two. You can visit the library, issue the desired book(s) and get the photocopy of the pages you require. This way we can save paper too!

  • Access to the best journals and research papers.

LibraryThe university/ college libraries provide you with the best and the latest journals and research papers that help students of respective fields to gain more knowledge and the latest news about the ongoing researches and discoveries.

We say books are our best friends and thus the library becomes the safest club to hang out with our best friends. So, don’t just visit the library to kill your free time, visit it to utilise your time gaining more and more knowledge. Knowledge is something which you can never get enough, so gather it until you get enough.