Change is Happiness


What you have done with your life this far, is it giving you what you want? Is is giving you what you want when you envisage your future? When you introspect, is there someplace within yourself where you say “hey! I know I need to be out there in that arena. I know I can do more than what I have been doing. I know there is some great music that I haven’t brought out here.” Is that what echoes within you ?

You look at your life, and if you are not getting what you want, you owe it to yourself to do something differently. About 85% people go to office daily but they are unhappy with it. If you are doing something eight hours a day that is not giving you what you want, that is not giving you that strong feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. are miserable, you hate it.. you are depressed just thinking about it…you keep thinking ‘thank god there are weekends every week’…Well if that’s how you feel, then it is the time to start strategically working to change directions.

But most people will resist change. Most people will fight change as change, the unknown, may be worse that what they are experiencing right now. So when you begin to dream of a certain future, you also need to believe that whatever it takes for you to create that, you have got that in you. If you dare, life and the universe will side with you.

A lot people don’t try anything different because they don’t want to get hurt. Let me tell you one thing, pain is everywhere. You can hide under here and it will come and find you anyway. Go meet it on your own terms. Then there are people who are governed by their habits, and some by the opinions of others. A lot of people never try anything differently because they have been convinced by the people in their lives that they can’t do it.

Just for once in life decide not care about what people think, decide to give up some of your fears, to become courageous, to act on your dream, to learn that every pleasure comes with pain. Dare, and see what life can give you.

Be Fearless! Have Courage!