We are evolved. We have now build up a character, a personality of ours which supposedly is hard to change now. But, every one of us is different in our way. This is because we all grew up in a separate environment. We are likely to be the same way our parents or the people around us are.

Humans are robots with a brain that keeps on learning as it grows. ‘Watson’ and ‘Skinner’ have given behavioral learning theory in management and they derived it from their observation in infants. Some children see their parents fighting a lot making them believe that love is a hoax. Some children look at their parents always wishing good for all and being optimistic in every situation. They, thus, evolve more happily than others.

This is all about the parents. We, the youth, leave a huge imprint on the infants. As they grow up, they follow our trend. School students taking a college tour learn a lot of things and dream of their future. But what they learn is what we teach them unintentionally. We should not act well in their presence, rather we should try to be good for our younger ones. If we want our young ones to respect us and listen to us, then we have to learn to respect them too. If we want them to behave equally in terms of gender, religion, or caste, then we have to show them we are all one.

We all know that teaching is best when done by demonstration. So let’s demonstrate good. Let’s demonstrate even better! Don’t ask them to behave, show them how to behave. Let our young ones know how they need to be when they grow up.