We all dream. We all imagine. We all have plans for our future. Sometimes we dream so big that people stop believing us and even our parents sometimes stop trusting us.

The power of a dream can make you possibly do anything. Have you ever had a dream of buying a McLaren P1 LM but then suddenly you realized that no that is just out of my league and dropped your dream to the ground and moved on?

Just like you many of us are willing to dream big but very few of us really hold that gut inside us to accomplish that dream and show this world that here is what I told you one day, and you laughed at me saying dream small you won’t be able to do it. Dreaming is really important because if you will not dream you will never have a plan and a goal to achieve. And if you won’t have a goal to go somewhere you will end up walking with the flock of sheep which is going nowhere.

What if Steve Jobs would have thought that I won’t be able to build a computer, think of Bill Gates, what if he had never have thought of making any difference in this world but rather just thought that – “No it’s a tough task how would I do it?”

There are many examples again about which we all know from the very childhood but eventually the same thought comes to mind he is Bill Gates or he is Steve Jobs so what my friend?  You are also you!

Once you will start dreaming and believing your dreams, no power of this world can stop you from achieving your dreams. The very well said quote by some dreamer is “What you think you become.”

From now it all depends on you what you want to become and yeah think accordingly. Because today’s thinking is going to decide what are you going to be and where are you going to stand tomorrow.