Elder sister! Arghhh….. Right? Many of you might groan at the mere mention of her. As with the elder brothers the sisters have no trouble gaining the title of “The most annoying person”. The days when she dominated you for being short or made you do all her chores cause you are obviously “The youngest”. When haven’t you heard the famous dialogue “Kyu ke tum chote ho”. But just like a coin, everything has two sides and elder sisters are no exception.  So here are the times when for-once-in-a-millennia you felt grateful that you are blessed with an elder female sibling.

Why having a sister is not a bane

  1. The go-to make-up personnel

Since she has already been in your shoes and is experienced she knows all about the makeup, its tips, hacks and much more. Hence, she is the perfect person to get you ready for the party. She might not exactly part with her products but she will definitely make sure you look beyond stunning when your date comes to pick you up.

  1. The Guardian in disguise

When you go broke she will be your savior. You might feel not always, but pretty sure on those days when you would get in trouble with your parents for going bankrupt as soon as the cash was delivered out, she’ll be there to back you up.

  1. Late night partner in crime

Escaping house late night for clubbing or making maggi at 2 am or just tiptoeing around to reach the forbidden ice cream tub, She is always super ready to be your partner in crime. After all who said that grownups had to miss out on all the fun?

  1. 50 shades of drama

She has seen you in your every avatar. Whether it is your puffed up face early morning or sweating seas form after work out. You doing drama, being unbearably stubborn or even horribly sick, she has seen your every face and yet loves you unconditionally and also maybe with a miracle, support you.  

Why having a sister is not a bane

  1. The advisor

Every stage that you pass, she has already gone through it. So be it relationships, studies or friendship, she will always be there to pick you up with her words when you stumble down.

  1. Last minute wardrobe assister

Sometimes, it looks to you that all the clothes you want are in her wardrobe and she being she doesn’t always or never share her clothes with you. But without hesitancy will open her wardrobe to you when you are in dire need.

So matter how much you hate her or find her irritating you know at the end of the day she will always love you and stand by you no matter what. So Kudos to all the elder sisters out there.