It’s been quite a while now that our new semester has started. And being fresh from home we all have already started to notice how different our lives back home and in the university are. For some, home life is better whereas, for others University life is better. But you can never deny the unique things each life teaches you. Well here are the few differences which we feel the most. Let’s go down the memory lane.

  1. Laundry


For students who have availed laundry service, there are no issues(Though there is a limit even to that) but for others who haven’t opted for it, have to regularly wash their clothes and be accountable. But at home, you all you got to do is put it in the washing machine or your mom handles it for you. And of course, we all have been guilty of taking clothes home to wash during vacation.

  1. Food


You can’t deny that the eateries provided by our university are good. They are varied and of course, provide us foodies with mouth-watering food. They are so many kiosks that even if we get tired of one food there is more to try. But also we all agree that the food prepared at home by our parents is magical. It’s like you suddenly realize how much love and care and effort you mother or father puts too make sure you are fed.

  1. Outings


This can differ in everyone’s case. Some may have outing liberty at University while restricted at home. Vice –versa is also possible. Going out with friends has its own joys and bliss.(Hopefully, you make friends who will last a lifetime). But here, you are careful with everything. If it’s an overnight trip then you need to make sure everything is there because you alone need to handle your things whereas, at home, you are most carefree as everything is taken care of by parents.

  1. Personal Care


Let’s be honest. There are very lucky few who have got friends who will look after them whole night if they ever fall sick. Wardens are helping but sometimes it’s limited(As there as hundreds of students they supposed to take care of). The care provided by our parents sitting beside us whole night and day in case we need something is incomparable to any form of aid. After all, the number of sweaters on you is directly proportional to how cold your mom feels.

(Tip- Wanna fall sick, then make sure you are at home. You will be losing too many classes if you do)

  1. Help


Here, you do everything on your own, whether it be managing money or cleaning up. It makes you realize how much of help your mother and father were to you. Maybe many didn’t even do those all those at home and doing it in the hostel has been the first time. No matter what, it helps you to become independent and self-reliant.