Recent data breaches created a chaos among people. All of a sudden people have become cautious regarding data security. We can’t stop the use of the internet, therefore the only solution is to use it wisely. So here are some ways to prevent the data theft.

  • Choose apps wisely

Always download apps from stores recommended by your device manufacturer. No matter how promising the third party application looks, do not download. It will work fine like a normal app but may steal your precious data by running under the hood.

  • Use strong passwords.

A strong password must be used. Make sure the password contains:

  • Uppercase Letters
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols

The password length must be above 8 characters.

  • Put up your firewall



Make sure the firewall of your device is set up perfectly. If you get along with users often, then this is to be checked. Some software may ask for access and defy the firewall privileges. Say no to such software.

  • Use trusted Wi-Fi

Always use a trusted public Wi-Fi. A two-step verification based type is the safest. Google railwire and JioNet are the examples.

  • Avoid untrusted Antivirus

Go online search for user reviews regarding a trusted antivirus. Remember, an antivirus used by many users is the one to be avoided. As hackers will target it first to break the security layers. So choose the one with more features, better reviews and moderate users.

I prefer to use: ESET NOD32 (Image Above)

  • Download files from trusted websites

Prime issue is, people fail to identify the correct download link and thus giving an entrance to malicious stealers. Avoid the files which download downloaders to download the file. It’s as fake and confusing as it sounds. Trusted websites, like Filehippo, Cnet, sourceforge etc should be preferred. Torrent must be avoided.

  • Do not use untrusted devices

Never login or register your account via another device. No matter if it’s your friend or family. You never know how secure that device is, how deep the security layers are. And if you do, never forget to deregister it immediately.

  • Beware of information movement

How to ensure data safety

If a website redirects to another website or app, do not go with the process. Stop immediately. This usually happens while downloading from a website with too many ads. Indirectly they want to earn money via ads and to implant a malicious file while you’re not looking.

Hope this will help to make you feel secure. Adios!