The future, vast and humongous it lays, a mystery so big, that countless generations have wasted their entire lives trying to explore it. The future is unpredictable. It cannot be determined and it cannot be controlled. It fluctuates with the smallest of our choices. Whether or not you choose to attend this lecture or attend that meeting, might change your future, for better or for worse. But as I said earlier, the future is unpredictable. Trying to predict it is like trying to hold the oceans within your palms, it just cannot be done. I want all of you to keep this in mind as we go forth with this article.

“What to do after my bachelors? Will I ever get a job? Will I successfully pass this semester? In the future, will I be able to support my family?” These are few of the questions that cross our minds on a weekly basis. We worry about these questions. Most of us might not realize it, but deep within our hearts, we’re afraid, we’re afraid of what lays ahead. All that we’re doing right now, all that we’re enduring and surviving, is to ensure that our future is safe. We go to reputed universities, we work hard and score good marks, we do all this and more, just to make sure that we have a safe future.

everything will be fine

But amongst all the hustle and bustle, amongst this bout for survival, we forget one universal truth, every once in a while, we deserve a break as well. We try so hard to control our future, that we forget that it’s the present that defines us and not the future. We try so hard to predict our future despite knowing the fact that it fluctuates at an alarming rate and all this is in vain. Don’t get me wrong. A certain part of our future is still within our grasps. We can work hard, we can earn respect and we can make a name for ourselves. We can do all this and more. But the majority of our future, it still remains uncertain.

So sit back and relax. Chill every once in a while. Go out and explore the world. Learn to worry less and live more. Eventually, everything will turn out just fine.