College students have a huge amount of work such as assignments, projects, presentations, practical, viva and much more. And apart from the responsibility of performing good in the above-mentioned tasks enormous hard work is needed for midterm and final exams. Many students start preparing for these exams from a very initial period, which is good for marks, but they also begin cutting them from other social activities which is a worse thing. So, by analyzing all the side effects, here are a few harmful effects of excess studying.

Mental health and Depression


Continuous studying has various side effect among which mental health damage and depression is on the top. Long duration study gives rise to fear of forgetting in which students feel that whatever they have read a few hours ago has wiped out from their brain. This causes fear of failing exams and thus depression emerges. Many students become so much depressed that they even leave studying and lose their inner belief. Some students get recovered from this state while others start consuming drugs and supplements.

Laziness and Lack of motion


Sticking continuously to the table slowly increases laziness in the body. You will lose interest in sports, running and don’t want to go outside even for a walk. And then you will show zero interest in nature or even friends and family. Exercise is a must thing in human life and this type of routine totally contradicts that fact and thus makes you weaker and sicker.

Excessive Weight Gain


Spending most of the day on bed and chair staring laptop and books surely increases your body weight. You are just eating and sitting and consuming snacks and junk items and thus there is no way to burn those fats. Weight gain can cause several major problems like diabetes, heart attack, laziness, and depression. You will lose anger control and start feeling irritated even from yourself.

Sleep Problems


Fear of exam and course forces you to study late at night. Many students start decreasing their sleep hours and can’t even get more than 2 hours of sleep. But this is not a good thing. Disturbing your biological clock directly harms your immune and reflex system and this soon causes unconsciousness, memory loss, and brain damage. Usually, it is prescribed not to use electronic devices before you go to bed; but in this late studying schedule, you stick with the screen and also don’t get enough sleep.

Studying is very important for success but don’t forget to live the present moment to the fullest. Don’t get extremely involved in exams or courses, these things can be resumed but a broken hope or self-belief took a long time for reestablishment. Be social, relax, exercise along with the tasks and always remember, life is a journey to experience and learn new things, not a destination that needs to be reached.