The Fast Approaching End of the Jio Free Internet Scheme


In today’s time one thing that has gained everyone’s attention is “Jio”. Almost everyone’s contact list has doubled with one person’s old number and one jio number of that person. Mukesh Ambani came as an angel for the Indians when he gave “free Internet” to 100 million Indians as a part of beta testing of its networks.

As every good thing comes to an end, the free internet scheme of jio, too is coming to an end. Jio has now launched two services,i.e Jio prime version and and non prime version. The Jio Prime version is the elite version in which the subscribers get better facilities. For e.g.- A jio prime user gets 28GB internet for one month on recharge of Rs 303 but the non prime user gets only 2.5 GB for the same amount and duration.

As it has been speculated that Jio services will be cheap and efficient, it is a no-loss option to try jio prime for just rs 99/year. Jio promises to give better networks and connectivity once the paid services kick in.

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