Many of us thought that this is it, that this is our year. Ahhh! But why am I picturing so many gloomy faces, so many disappointed hearts in the frontal lobe of my tiny little brain? No one is ready to get trapped yet again in their rooms as we are preparing ourselves for a fresh semester. Here we are already dreading one more semester of unique challenges. Now let’s see how can we overcome it.

Organize your Work Space

Decluttering and setting your workspace first thing in the morning sets the right tone for the day. It creates the right mindset and helps you stay calm and focused while studying. So if you find that your workspace is a mess, then you better clean it. Keep all the required stuff like laptop, pens, highlighters, charger, water bottle, etc. with you before sitting for online classes. Make sure to keep only minimal things for an organized workspace.

Schedule short breaks at regular intervals

I usually prefer taking a break after 60 – 90 minutes, but I will suggest you not work for more than an hour at a stretch. Since not only it would leave you exhausted but will also lower your productivity level. So instead you could take a walk around the house, scroll through social media, move your muscles, or maybe just nap. In the end, you feel rejuvenated for one more interval of a productive study session. Whereas longer breaks are a complete waste of time, short breaks charge you up.

Talk to friends and family

Yes, I agree, It’s not normal to have a college life without socializing and communicating with your friends. Rather it’s quite overwhelming. The part that makes university life so thrilling is the people you meet there. But the scenario is utterly different now. But don’t forget, nothing good comes from suffering alone, instead, you can talk to your family and catch up with your friends and discuss your concerns and stress. This way they can help you out in finding solutions to your problems.

Prioritize your Mental Health

When you feel overwhelmed, you often find yourself wavering between thoughts. You are easily carried away by pessimistic feelings, especially during these times. So it’s important to keep yourself grounded and refocus on the present moment. You can try different types of physical grounding techniques when you feel anxious. For example, certain breathing exercises, 54321 methods, Dunk your head in ice-cold water, focussing on your body, etc. Keep yourself healthy, eat a properly balanced diet, work out regularly, and adopt healthy sleep habits.

Still feeling overwhelmed by the online classes, take another look at the above solutions, put negative thoughts in the trash, and you will see the difference!