E-Learning is the process of learning online with the help of different Gadgets present as Mobile phones, Laptop, Tablets, etc. Before lockdown, these education reforms can only be linked to some of the online platforms like Coursera, Udemy, etc.

Now it’s time to get you to know about my experience of an online class with LPU.

So, my experience starts from the very first week, dated 16th of March, it was a bit tiring to sit and work on a computer all day, but later on, it’s been easy as we build a habit. Now, this is one part of my new routine. The classes are set to be starts from 9 am, and this is our first class, our teacher send us attachment related to the chapters with voice notes. The voice notes helped us a lot to clear our concept and helps in deepening our understanding of the topic. After reading and listening to voice memos, most of the teachers used to ask for doubts. These doubts clearing video sessions are very helpful. After that Teachers used to give us a polling test of the day’s topic and after the completion of the chapter, they give us online practice assessments to check how much we have gained knowledge about different issues of the chapter and after that teachers analyzed our result and taught us the topics in which we haven’t scored well in the practice assessments. These are the procedures that our respected faculties have followed that helped us a lot to be on track.

Now it’s time for assignments, the central part of an online class, and a significant pie of our result as well. Our concerned faculties provide us with the question papers, and we have to submit it before the last date of submission. After these procedures, we got our marks. This assignment helped us in analyzing and evaluating what the pattern is and how to answer those questions in the upcoming exam.

The experience of Online classes with LPU during the pandemic is excellent. During this pandemic, studies were supposed to get highly affected. Still, thanks to our University Administration that our academics are on a good track and we students are relieved and also the teachers, they are putting so much of effort to make things easy for us, we are grateful to them as well because of them we can easily get access to our study material like notes and solutions to every problem and if needed a doubt clearing session after the end of the session.

As for the inaccessible traditional classroom, online education helped us a lot and has been making its way because of its easy access and flexibility. Studen ts have all the access to their “Chapter attachment” with Voice notes whenever they want, allowing them to go over ideas and review lessons at their convenience. Doubtlessly, the Importance of education for all and with the help of technology, online education’s potential to become complementary or, in some cases, preference to traditional education cannot be ignored.