Being a student is tough, and being a student-struck at home is even tougher! Since the pandemic started, the world’s fallen apart, and we students need to cope with the feeling of hopelessness. Still, there are ways we students can make use of technology to make our day-to-day hustle a little easier. I have compiled a list of a few software that can help you ramp up your productivity, and the best part is most of them are free! 

(1). Grammarly:

Ever happened you mailed your professors or HR executive regarding a decisive research project or a summer internship. You proofread your mail multiple times but still ended up making mistakes like, “God morning,” “Tanks a lot,” “Worm regards.” Embarrassing right? Such errors can break your chances of getting your dream internship or getting into a groundbreaking research project. There is an easy fix to such issues. Use Grammarly!

As a content writer and a student, I use Grammarly daily to look for spelling errors, punctuations, writing tone, complex grammatical errors; Boy, the list never ends!

(2). Quetext:

As students of Lovely Professional University, most of you might have heard your professors warning you about the plagiarism limit.

But how do you check the plagiarism percentage of your assignment? Most of us don’t have access to those fancy software like Turnitin, Ephorus. So, what to do? Quetext is a lifesaver for us students. It’s free; It’s as accurate as Turnitin; It’s fast!

So, next time do run a plagiarism check before you submit your assignment. As even if you didn’t copy, accidental plagiarism is still a serious offense!

(3). GeoGebra:

Ran out of graph paper? Don’t know how to use MS Excel to make graphs? Don’t have a laptop? Here’s an easy fix use GeoGebra to create high-quality graphs, calculate slopes, create spreadsheets, solve algebraic equations, etc. The best part it works flawlessly on your phone too!

(4). GRE Vocabulary Flashcards:

Most of us struggle with vocabulary on a daily basis, and there are legends like Dr. Shashi Tharoor, who are known for their majestic arsenal of bold vocabulary. Their talk shows get views in billions, and the sort of words they use are beyond the understanding of any common person. For instance, agathokakological (composed of both good and evil/consists of both yin & yang), floccinaucinihilipilification (estimating something a worthless), scripturient (desire to write new things), etc. You can master the art too!

Try using Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards, it presents you with rare but intriguing terms, and then you have to guess their meaning!

Not the best way to build vocabulary, but definitely the fastest way to do it!

(5). Quizlet:

Want to learn new facts, obscure but informative stuff, on the go? Quizlet is the way to go! It’s similar to the Magoosh GRE Vocabulary Flashcards, but rather than vocabulary, it shows you flashcards on topics you would like to know more about; It’s a quick & easy way to memorize facts & factors. It consists of flashcards on all sorts of topics, starting from history to chemistry.