The very first thing that pops into the mind when wandering Vertos arrive at the Lovely Professional University for the first time is usually, “Holy smokes; this is a massive campus,” followed by, “I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get around the campus on my own.”

But some special Vertos aren’t concerned about picking up the directions to various places on the campus. In fact, it hardly takes a couple of days to get acquainted with the directions to different blocks. Instead, they are primarily concerned with whether or not their body could withstand the 30-minutes stroll from the university dorms to their respective lecture halls.

Differently abled Vertos at Lovely Professional University in their freshman year usually make a lot of silly mistakes. They often assume their body isn’t a cut-out for life at a major university. However, Lovely Professional University is different; the varsity has something for everybody. It’s not easy exploring campus as a differently abled Verto, so I hope that sharing some insights could help Vertos with similar concerns.

Five Pro-Tactics to cruise the Campus as a Differently Abled Verto

(1). Stop by the Administrative Block (Block 29/30); the kind officials there will assist you in arranging any amenities you need and lend you assistance in the most unexpected ways. The atmosphere there will make you feel at ease and a little less alone.

(2). Don’t be hesitant to seek assistance. We are so driven to live alone as an adult that some of us always found ourselves struggling to fulfill unrealistic freedom standards. Everybody needs assistance at some point in their lives, and speaking out is a monumental act of bravery.

Five Pro-Tactics to cruise the Campus as a Differently Abled Verto

(3). Tell your buddies about your journey. When you start talking to people, you will notice that your buddies could easily lift off the weight of your disease from your shoulders. Your friends are capable of understanding you, extend help, sympathize, and even share similar memories with you after you tell them about your experiences.

(4). Join a club or a student organization that attracts you based on your interactions. At Lovely Professional University, there are 150+ clubs and student organizations, all of which might help you find meaning in your harrowing experiences, and they have always helped students extend their reach.

(5). Reassure yourself that the word Verto does not have a single meaning. We come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and our impressions can vary. This is one of the most challenging revelations for some students, and they battle with looking like a less-than-serious college student as they prioritized self-care over going out. The beauty of Lovely Professional University is that you’ll always have just what you want out of it, and as a result, it can be explored in a myriad of different ways.

Five Pro-Tactics to cruise the Campus as a Differently Abled Verto

Although I wish I could just swish a Harry Potter like magic wand to make the transition here smoother for people of all abilities, I cannot do so. However, I would guarantee that we’re all discovering – about ourselves, the universe, and how to get along. Lovely Professional University is an incredible place to be in!