If you’re distracted by the topic, you understood it to be another moral value lecture by an elder or some motivational speaker.

But before getting to the topic, let us reconcile with some very well known facts:

  • Focus is the key to success and……….(extend till the limit you can imagine)
  • A distracted person can never achieve something worthwhile etc.

Many of you would have heard the above facts in one form or other, would have received advice on how to be focused and what could be the possible consequences if you aren’t back on track.

But think! Has anyone bothered to answer you the question: ‘Why do we get distracted?’ and have you asked anyone: ‘What is the reason that we get distracted?’

Just as we ask a doctor the reason for our illness to know why we are ill, so should we ask the reason for our distraction too.

Well, my sincere attempt here would be to discuss some of the very root causes of distraction:

  • Eutopian Pleasure

Daydreaming is one of the very predominant forms of distraction. During this time we often live in our own perfect world (scientifically called eutopia) portraying ourselves as the hero/heroine of that domain. Many of you would have received Oscar awards or traversed through a black hole or won the FIFA world cup or have become the richest man of the world and whatnot (if you are getting what I want to say).

Now here comes the punch factor: We do it because it makes us happy and when we are happy, the mind doesn’t care whether that happiness causing factor is right or wrong.      

  • Roasted By Life

It is really sympathetic when life starts behaving like a toaster taking you as a piece of bread and starts grilling and roasting you with some extra cheese and toppings because the best you can do at that time is to see a sandwich.

While the wise may give the advice to fight at that moment but the truth is most of us either back out, change the way (not studying, keeping aside your goal) or start finding ways to puff-off the tension which is nothing but a distraction.

  • A Virtual Phenomena

Perhaps it’s the most interesting cause and most slyish form of distraction because there are no fix parameters for it. Often there comes a condition in our life when we won’t be understanding what’s going on in our head and what is happening through our life. The result of such a condition is pure slaughtering of precious time thus distraction completing its work.

  • Habit

Appears to be weird but the fact is that it is the most dangerous and hard-to-conquer cause of distraction. It is quite simple: if you are letting yourself distracted all the time, a phase will come when distraction will become your habit (very well goes with laziness); the same way as young Tom Riddle went on to became dark Lord Voldemort because his intentions were not checked.

Now that you know the cause of your distraction, maybe you would like to make some precautionary amendments in your life as the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure.”