The Five Most Important Things in Life


If I were to ask you what the five most important things in your life were, what would your answer be? Give it a moment and think about what those five things are that you can’t live without.

My father asked me the same question one day, and after thinking for a complete day I came to the conclusion that “the five most important things in my life are my five senses”. I believe nobody would ever raise a question to my answer because it is the eternal truth.

Life would be so difficult without our five senses. We are the fortunate ones who are really blessed with this ultimate gift of God. Our senses allow us to learn, to protect ourselves, to enjoy our world.

A blind man might possess some extreme talents, but he would still wish to see the world with his own eyes, he would still wish he could see the face of his newborn daughter.

Can you even imagine how your life would be if somebody took away your ability to hear for a day? You wouldn’t be able to listen to your mother calling you for dinner, you wouldn’t be able to listen to your favorite music and the list is never ending. The wonderful sense of touch –  it is proved that touch is the first sense we acquire and is the most important thing to build relationships with our loved ones.

The sense of taste allows us to experience the beauty of food and the sense of lets us know we are in our mothers’ arms even before we know her by sight, it allows us to enjoy the fragrance of rain-wet earth, and the soothing aroma of mom’s cooking.

I know what you’re thinking.

Indeed money, satisfaction, power, position, and fame can be on your top tens.



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