Developers are needed for any institution or company to represent their work to the outer world and manage the data. In the upcoming days, the company will surely need some Highly skilled Full stack developers. So, the question arises: who is a full stack developer, and how he/she is essential to a company.

Full Stack developer is a person who knows how to work with back-end as well as front-end. Having a skilled full-stack developer is a gem for a company because they help in cost-cutting by doing front-end and back-end efficiently.

MERN stack is the first choice for most of the developers out there. So, the MERN Stack is a combination of different technologies, and in this, we use “Mongo DB, Express, React, NodeJS.” MERN is a go-to path for most of the developers. The question arises: how can we learn MERN to start our new career or improve preoccupied skills.

Yet again, Lovely Professional University will bring 13 days short-term course scheduled from 10th October to 31st October (13 selected days). The attendee can see the 13 Days planned topics in the brochure with respected dates. After attending the course, the attendee is sure to know the:

  • Full Stack Web Development Architecture through different technologies.
  • Designing and Deployment of front end and Back end for an application using MERN Stack.
  • Interaction of Front end with Back end using REST API architecture
  • Going live with MERN Stack projects using cloud platforms
  • Building a fast, modern, and efficient application using MongoDB, EXPRESS, and NODE JS and REACT


  • Installation of NodeJS, Express, Mongo DB, and React.
  • Setting up Bootstrap, Git, and Heroku.
  • Working Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Basic Concept of Object-Oriented Programming, Basic Concept of Database.

Who can attend? 

  • Eager Learners of Web Development.
  • Teaching Staff
  • Students

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