The announcement by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ‘Vocal for Local‘ combined with anti-China sentiment has led to an increase in demand and popularity of home-grown apps. Bharat Meet is another app called ‘India’s web and video-conferencing app‘, which is now considered an alternative to zoom and Google meet.

Bharat Meet – This idea comes into the mind when the Government of India asked everyone not to use the Zoom video conferencing app due to certain security issues. Several companies have banned employees from using Zoom in the workplace.

While India blocked the first list of Chinese applications on June 30, the founders of Delhi-based “Eloquent Codes Solutions” had a “waiting” moment. It was not about the ban. It was a time when their app received a lot of love and support from all over the country.

Even though lockdown has been relaxed, most people still avoid getting out and prefer to work at home. Everyone who works at home relies heavily on mobile platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet, among others.

Due to security and privacy issues with foreign applications, the government has also asked Indian startups to create a video conferencing program that must be safe, secure, feature-rich, and easy to use. Many of the initiatives have come out with their solutions – one of them the Bharat Meet, developed by Eloquent Codes Solutions in New Delhi.

Previously available only in a web version, fully-fledged India’s Bharat Meet video conferencing app is now available on various platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store.

The developers finally had their good time starts as their efforts were well received by Ramesh Mendola, MLA, Indore, where the app was given special recommendations.

What is Bharat Meet?

Bharat Meet is a video conferencing app developed by a Delhi-based company that allows users to create or join an existing conference. The app can be used to have one-on-one conversations or a group video-call of up to 150 participants at a time.

Not just video, the Bharat Meet app also allows users to make audio voice calls, which can be useful during spectacular network times.

Like Zoom and many other video calling apps, Bharat Meet is an option to chat-via-text with participants simultaneously during a call, it also provides private text to a particular participant also.

The app comes with features like screen sharing, text mode, audio mode, recording, and other security features like password protection and waiting room feature. Similar to Zoom and other conferencing platforms, Bharat Meet makes users easy to share the screen using the desktop/laptop/desktop applications and the shared screen can be visible to all participants on any platforms either Web, Mobile, or desktop.

Currently, Bharat Meet has been downloaded by over 2500+ users through the Google Play store, and 1500+ users through the Apple App Store. Both the Play Store and the App Store app is rated as 4.9 stars. Apparently, the developers are pushing regular updates to improve the app experience. The latest update brings call quality performance, fixed crashes, Bug fixes, and enhancements.

Author: Yash Saraswat, MCA (Hons.), LPU