God and Us


God, “The One”, is everywhere and in everything. God exists in all of us, including animals, trees, insects and everything you see around you – these are the ideas we are raised with. But the question is, “Does God really exist?” If I ask someone, they may answer, “I believe.”

Do you want your God to exist only in beliefs? At  a guess I will say you don’t. You want to see God, know what  he looks like. But some of us come up with the idea that God has no shape and size. But that begets the question – how do we know God is shapeless? Which brings me back to the point that all we know of God are the ideas given to us by those who raised and taught us.

But let’s stop considering internalised thoughts and notions and instead consider the now. Would our generation believe it was God if God showed up in person and introduced himself? The answer is NO. We are just that skeptical and cynical. After All we are products of our time. My personal take is that God does not appear to us because we, of our free will, have shamed him to guilt. We have turned his beautiful creation into a hell he has chosen to flee from, to a place no one can find. And I don’t blame him. I’d do the same if I were the creator of our insane world.

I feel that if we hope to meet God one day, we should try and right our wrongs and do things that would make our Creator proud of us, and not guilty.

I believe where there is good, there is god as well.

Do good, and feel God.