This COVID period had been both interesting as well as boring for most of us. Interesting because of the new lifestyle adaptation to online procedures like online classes, online tests, online gatherings, and many more. But on the other hand, it has also been boring as there are no pretty much options to engage and earn money. So here are some ways through which we can earn money from home during this lockdown period.



Surprisingly masks have become one of our daily needs these days like that of water and food. They are basic protective gear for everybody. So try to stitch masks and sell them. It does not need much effort and also it keeps you engaged whenever you are bored.

Teach Online

Teaching is the best way to improve our knowledge. Just register yourself and send your profile to particular websites that offer the teaching jobs such as Tutor, Chegg, Get study room, and many more. According to knowledge and teaching skills, the salary will be decided. It helps you revise your syllabus and you can also earn money through this in your free time.

Sell Your Photographs

If you own a good camera and have a good taste in photography then one can click on selling photographs online. Many websites such as Etsy, Alamy, Dreams time, etc offer the opportunity to sell photos.


Blogs have been a traditional way to earn money for years. As you have multiple choices to write a blog on such as a food blog, personal blog, travel blog, etc. You can share your experience, your interests, and many other things and earn money through it.

Skills Showcase


Start a Youtube or Instagram page and post your skills like singing, dancing, art, etc. One can also sell their crafts like pot painting, micro arts, etc on various platforms. It is the best way to showcase our creative skills and earn money through it.


Many internships offer marketing jobs to work as a campus ambassador or digital marketing etc. People who are interested in marketing should try this. Loaded with daily based works, these marketing jobs pay a reasonably good amount to students.

Choose your interests and pick the jobs you are comfortable doing it. Besides online classes and academics try these new and simple ways of making money in your free time during this lockdown period.