Summer break is one of the most anticipated periods for a college student as after two long semesters and one full year, you get the longest break to give time to yourself and be free to do whatever you want to! We get approximately two months which is equal to 8 weeks which further equals 60 days, and that’s a huge amount of time to adopt a new practice or a new skill, to read, write, travel and watch web series and movies!

Besides chilling and relaxing, there are other things you can do which can be productive and beneficial both for you and your career. Here, I will mention some of the ways you can utilize this break and do something for your benefit.

Develop a new hobby or a new skill

This has a wide range as you can choose anything of your choice and start working on it. It can include learning a foreign language to put in your resume or learn cooking, dancing, sketching, or any instrument. You can do everything you couldn’t in the entire year so choose wisely according to your interests.

Do a new course or an internship

Several websites offer courses for free which are quite useful and can teach you from basics to advance in a matter of days. The websites which offer learning courses are Coursera, Khan Academy, Udemy, UpGrad, EdX, and many others. If you want to apply for an internship, Internshala is the best platform.

Start your small business via social media

During the lockdown, when you are suggested not to go out, you can set up your small business at your home and earn money. What is better than social media to reach a wider audience? Utilize any skill you have from crafting to baking, set up a public account on any social media platform, and start earning!

Create your blog

Have great writing skills and unable to get an ideal platform to showcase your talent? This one is for you! Create a blog on any website (you can your website too!) for free (except for some websites that demand money; the cost is still minimum) and start writing articles of your favorite genre.

Prepare for college admissions or jobs

If you wish to go for higher studies, start preparing for admission tests for your preferred Universities and Colleges. If you are looking for jobs, make sure you prepare well for placements and interviews and polish your resume! Continue to maintain a good LinkedIn profile irrespective of the path you are choosing.

Read, read, and read!

Being a bibliophile, my foremost suggestion will be to read as many books as you can during this period. Reading novels is one of the best ways to spend your time as it saves your screen time while offering an equal amount of entertainment (maybe even more!). You can read fiction, non-fiction further classified into a variety of genres to choose from!

Research a topic you are interested in

This one is specifically for science students. Read research papers, review articles, books, and other materials of your topic of interest which will enhance your knowledge. It will also help you to identify where your main interest lies, and choose your domain with ease as you’d have enough knowledge about it. Even if you don’t, extra knowledge will always prove to be profitable.

Did you like any of them? Did any of the ideas click in your mind? If yes, then start doing it soon (and thank me later)!