Imagine yourself surrounded by the people who resemble a kind of imperfect perfections admiring that they have enough blood in their hands. There are only two fundamentals of life, either you walk like you are the king or you don’t care who the king is, only if it brought you back to the world.

People often try to catch the light knowing that there’s nothing left for them and that’s the problem. Might be another reason that those people never went to find life in order to get something real out of this maze. Or in simple words, it’s about feeding the ego of whichever society has laid these on, which is interpreting reality by making things go out of the way. The thing is that we have started seeing only one alternative to our journey to which most of the things are out of their significance which is marked by the hidden dust.

Humans glow differently with grow of different beliefs locked in a prison of vision of somehow believing that we would be fine knowing that there’s nothing to gain, but something to prove. People are only good as much as the world allows them to be and there are people who we care about but we don’t realize until they are gone. It’s a matter of concern that the whole situation has turned into ironical and the world has shifted their stand. Nowadays, we either live who we are or die being someone else with a negative sign of light.

What do you think, do we choose life or life chooses us? Knowing that the best way to predict your future is to create it. Sounds a little good to be true, but some things are just hard to decide because we are caught up in the world trying to figure out where to go. Maybe it’s time we all stopped trying to outsmart the truth and let it have its day. The whole crowd goes so loud when we try to snap back to reality.

All the pain inside in which people have been chewed up amplified the fact that normal life is boring and it’s enough to make us wonder what’s in store for us. Some people just feel shattered while some of them don’t. We make our own mistakes for better or worse because every step we take is away from the truth, and the picture we are trying to paint by putting reality on hold in order to look for perfection are consuming our minds. There is no limit on how far we would go, we can’t let anybody stand in our way.

For me to formulate everything in one spot, the opportunity comes once in a lifetime and you got only one shot, don’t miss your chance. Never allow people who gave up on their dreams convince you to give up on yours because it’s you who is in charge of your life. You are big enough to handle any consequences that come with the decision you make on your own. Don’t be afraid to take a stand. Refuse to listen to the voices that never understand your dream and answer only to yourself. Take things to the next level because you know your destiny, your true purpose in life and things are going to happen when you are working on your dream. So, stop living in rain, knowing that the sun is out there and then choose the roads on which you can finally drive.