Here I have listed a few reasons why one should read more books.

For becoming a writer, who wants to write a book or to write something you have to read first.

“Writing reveals your personality, Reading builds your personality”

Way of writing
Initially, being a reader it is obvious that the reader focuses on the concepts behind the written material or they try to comprehend the things written in the book, but soon you will start focusing on the “Way of writing”, or how beautifully the words are arranged by the authors. So, we can learn the art of arranging words and making meaningful sentences by reading books.

No doubt, Vocabulary.
You come to learn a lot of new words from books…but, for that, you must have the courage to search the word right there.
NOTE: By skipping the word you can’t learn its exact meaning. It’s better to search for the meaning at that moment only. It requires patience to build a rich vocabulary.Sharing my experience – I have learned around 1100+ words from books and newspapers, I used to write all the searched words in my diary at the end of the day.

Evergreen hobby
Those who mention reading books as their hobby (professional hobby), it becomes a responsibility to read several books.

Amazing lines & broader vision
This reason is enough to get attracted to books.
“Life is full of secrets; you can’t learn them all at once”- Da Vinci Code.“It’s strange that ‘sword’ and ‘words’ have the same letters. Even more strange is that they both have the same effect if not used properly” – Life’s amazing secrets Gaur Gopal das.

You can find Quotation, sarcastic, mesmerizing and many beautiful lines while going through a book, which really has the power to change your perception and it amuses you. Reading books even make your vision broader. Improve your imagination, the world of imagination is boundless.

Your life, your choice.
It doesn’t mean, that after reading a book you have to look at the world from a writer’s perspective. You can only grab the points/things which you found worthy from the book, but you have to be yourself, after all, it’s your life.

Reading books can give you a feel of the time.

The smell of a new book is always wondrous.